Privacy Policy

Beernwine establishes this document with intent to ascertain the governing rules for usage of the website and collection, usage and protection of user information. We reserve the rights to update the policy document time to time and users will be notified through mail or through posting in the Beernwine website about materially significant changes.

Protecting user privacy

Collection of Data

Cookie Policy

Data security

Search engine result and archive

Search engines such as and archive websites like aren’t affiliated with Beernwine display or archive pages from Beernwine at their own accord.

Circumstances for disclosing information

Beernwine may disclose user information on the following events.

International Users

International users by completing the registration process with us are agreeing to abide by the conditions described here. By accepting our terms you are agreeing to Beernwine to collect, store and share information outside your jurisdiction and geographical boundaries. Some of the information may be stored with us indefinitely in our server located in the US. By providing us with your data, you consent to the transfer of such data.

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