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Lagunitas LAG Lagunator Lager
Lagunitas LAG Lagunator Lager Lager · 7.9 ABV · Brewed by Lagunitas Brewing Company · 42 IBU

It’s a dry-hopped California Common with a massive malt character, rounded out by a bitter balance from some experimental hops from the Yakima Valley, this beer will leave you saying ‘I’ll be bock!’ He awoke from the time transfer naked, damp, dizzy, disoriented, and alone, except for the bottle of some auburn ale he still clutched in his sweating hand. He looked to the right and then to the left for some kind of shelter. In an instant, a towering figure cast a long shadow over him and he saw a single enormous hand extended his way. All of his synapses crackled as he recognized the massive and terrifying form as that of the Great Brewmaster. He heard a deep voice say, “Come with me if you want to live”. He now knew the bottle in his hand must contain the rare Lagunator and he also knew that he might survive to enjoy it. Experience all the terror and the drama…

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