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Mike's Harder Mango Lemonade
Mike's Harder Mango Lemonade Malt Beverage · 8.0 ABV · Brewed by Mike's Hard Lemonade Company

Mike's HARDER Mango Punch has transitioned to Mike's HARDER Mango Lemonade.  New HARDER Mango Lemonade brings in all the rich mango notes of the Punch but adds a nice tartness from the lemonade. Deep yellow/orange in color with a slightly cloudy appearance, the aroma of Mike's HARDER Mango Lemonade is of ripe, fresh mango with hints of zesty, crisp, lemon citrus. The refreshingly tart lemon citrus perfectly complements the ripe mango taste with a very clean finish.

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Convenience Food & Liquor Open 24 Hours · Liquor Store23.50oz Can $3.79
6115.93 miles away · Menu Updated : 12/19/2018
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